Altair® HyperMesh® - A History of Solving the Most Challenging Problems

Altair® HyperMesh®

A History of Solving the Most Challenging Problems

Over the past three decades, Altair HyperMesh has become the premier product for high-fidelity finite element (FE) modeling. Today, Altair® HyperWorks® builds on the HyperMesh legacy, bringing with it a new user experience with tutorials, context menus, improved manipulation, display controls, and model browser – all while giving users previous HyperMesh functionality and the choice to continue using the classic user interface.

HyperWorks reads industry standard’s HyperMesh files and uses an enhanced version of HyperMesh database that enables models, scripts, and processes from earlier HyperMesh versions to work in this modern, optimized environment.

Accelerate Your Product Development

Altair Inspire - Unit Cell Lattice Generation

Faster Invention

Gives users broad physics for informed design direction and combines that with powerful geometry manipulation for engineers that don’t have the time to use traditional CAD tools during concept design.

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Altair SimLab GUI

Simpler Automation

Helps users make efficient, confident product development decisions with less relearning and repetition by leveraging automated multiphysics simulation and optimization.

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HyperMesh is the market-leading tool for FE Modeling of Complex aerospace models

Detailed Interaction

Features an unparalleled ability to mesh, morph, assemble, manage, simulate, optimize, and visualize the world’s most complex products and solve its most challenging problems.

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HyperWorks has Multiple Choices within One User Experience

Multiple Choices, One User Experience

The same exceptional Altair physics simulations and optimization capabilities are available to customers who need to create new simulation-driven concepts, efficiently model from parametric CAD geometry, or manipulate meshing details on huge assemblies in the largest CAE models:

  • HyperWorks delivers easy-to-learn solution- and domain-specific workflows across a growing number of engineering applications to increase team productivity and accelerate the development of today’s increasingly complex, connected products.
  • SimLab minimizes the time users must spend creating finite element models and interpreting results through automation. It can accurately analyze the performance of complex assemblies in multiple physics types, including structural, thermal, and fluid dynamics.
  • Users can learn Inspire in just a few hours. Its intuitive interface provides the dependable Altair solver power for analysts and designers so they perform what-if studies faster, easier, and earlier. Inspire encourages collaboration, optimizes product design, and reduces time to market.

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