Altair® PollEx™

Accelerating Electronic Systems Development from Design to Manufacturing

Delivering electronics that delight consumers requires more than just linking the ECAD and MCAD worlds. It requires physics-based analysis at the speed of design and collaboration across disciplines throughout development. PollEx brings Altair’s simulation-driven design philosophy to the electronics industry, inspiring innovation while ensuring timing, performance, reliability, and compliance targets are met.

PollEx is not just a printed circuit board (PCB) verification tool, it is solution that accelerates the development of today’s smart, connected, and tightly packaged electronic products. It is used by global industry leaders to improve efficiency, increase performance, enable teamwork, and enhance collaboration. Altair offers tools for full system analysis that integrate mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic, and embedded code design flow with PCB design.

PollEx Overview Video

Why PollEx?

Complete PCB Verification Environment

Design complex electronics right the first time with tools for PCB design review, analysis, verification and manufacturing assessment.

Better Collaboration, Shorter Design Times

Common data management across disciplines from concept to manufacturing eliminates design bottlenecks and errors.

Integrates with Existing Tool Chains

Unsurpassed connectivity to all the major ECAD systems with export to Altair and third-party physics simulation tools.

Key Features

Unified Part Library

Collaborate throughout product development with physical, logical, thermal, electrical, and assembly attribute data maintained in one place.

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Early Design Simulation

PollEx provides checks for signal integrity, power integrity, EMI vulnerability and ESD protection, verifying return path routing, balanced differential pairs, and other criteria.

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Detailed Performance Analysis

Achieve the performance and usability targets of today’s tightly packaged electronic devices with export to the engineering simulation across all disciplines.

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Manufacturing Support

Increase efficiency of PCB fabrication, assembly, and end-of-line testing, with the export of fabricating, mounting, paneling, and testing data to production line machinery.

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Integrates with Existing Tools

Pollex reads major ECAD file formats including: ODB++, IPC 2581, Gerber, Altium, Cadence, CADVANE, EAGLE, Mentor Graphics, PowerPCB, Zuken, and CAM350.

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Part of a Broad Product Development Suite

Take advantage of Altair Units to employ Altair solvers including Altair® OptiStruct®, Altair® Radioss®, and Altair® Feko®, for detailed thermal, stress/vibration/drop, and EMI/EMC analysis.

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Workflow Examples

  1. Basic Capabilities
  2. Advanced Capabilities